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How much does pay-per-action advertising cost?
Only you can decide how much you want to pay for your pay-per-action advertising. You determine how much you’re willing to offer for each specific action to be completed on your site, whether it’s $5 for a purchase or $1 for a newsletter sign-up. You can also control your spending by setting a daily budget.

Where will my pay-per-action ads appear?
Your pay-per-action ads are eligible to appear on publisher sites in the Google content network. Publishers can choose to place specific pay-per-action ads in new ad units that they create, or allow us to serve the highest converting pay-per-action ads that are related to a topic that they choose.

What is the text link format for pay-per-action ads?
Text links are hyperlinked brief text descriptions that take on the characteristics of a publisher’s page. Publishers can place them in line with other text to better blend the ad and promote your product.

For example, you might see the following text link embedded in a publisher’s recommendatory text: “Widgets are fun! I encourage all my friends to Buy a high-quality widget today.” (Mousing over the link will display “Ads by Google” to identify these as pay-per-action ads).

Though the maximum length of a text link is 90 characters, we’ve found that shorter links perform better because they allow the publisher use the link in more places on her/his site and in different context. The maximum length is 90 characters but less than 5 words is best. Even better, just use your brand name to offer maximum flexibility to the publisher.

How do I track my actions?
Setting up tracking for pay-per-action ads is very similar to setting up conversion tracking. In fact, if you already have conversion tracking installed on your pages, tracking your actions will be a cinch, as you can simply add a CPA bid to enable this code for your pay-per-action campaign.

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Carlos Gallego

Carlos Gallego

Me encanta el marketing por Internet, me especialicé en Google AdWords como la principal herramienta de publicidad online. A la fecha; he conseguido más de 6 MILLONES de clics para mí y mis clientes y de esos, aproximadamente 600MIL son prospectos. Uno de mis principales actividades que realizo diariamente es LEER. La Lectura activa mi perspectiva y esto me hace mejor Marketer. Intentalo!.

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